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pool ready to be demolished in Houston

Pools Aren’t What
They Used to Be

It’s easy to look through rose-colored glasses at a pool and think of summer fun, refreshment and a place for the kids to play. But the reality of owning a pool can be totally different. When you’re in the backyard every week, sometimes even daily, to test the water, add chemicals, and make sure the pool pump hasn’t broken down again, owning a pool doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore.

Lots of people agree with you, which is why we offer pool removal in Houston, Texas. There is a big market for getting rid of backyard pools and freeing homeowners from their costs and maintenance. If you’re worried about the impact on your property value, we understand. But there are also lots of buyers who won’t even consider a home with a pool. There are situations where it is easier to sell a home without a pool, especially if you want to put something in its place.

The True Cost of Pool Ownership

Owning a pool costs a great deal of time, money, and stress. However, few homeowners have the time to sit around and add it all up. You may have no idea what kind of resources you’re sinking into owning your pool. Here are some of the costs:

Choose Houston Pool Demo

When you’ve decided it is time to ditch your pool, why choose us? Our team is highly professional and does pool removal properly, from permits to safe waste disposal. We can make sure your ground is safe to build on when we’re done. Other reasons to choose us include:

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