Pool Demolition in League City

Owning a pool might have seemed like a dream. But, once you’re living it, you’re confronted with a time-consuming, expensive reality. That’s why we offer pool demolition in League City. You’re not stuck with a pool just because you installed it or bought a home with it. We can free you from your pool for much less hassle than you think. As experienced professionals, we know how to make it more convenient for your to have your pool demolished than to maintain and repair it. Here is what you need to know about our services.

this pool in League City is ready to be demolished by our team

Why Choose Us?

Your pool removal can be simple, legal, and low-stress. We can help. Choose us because we offer:

  • Exceptional customer service: We’re here to make your life simpler, not harder. Understanding the process, scheduling your removal and using your home on the day of the pool demolition will be simple with us.
  • Knowledge and honesty: We’re experts who can offer you real knowledge and guidance about the proper process for pool removal.
  • Detail-driven: We don’t ignore things like permits or removing the last bit of plumbing from your ground. We ensure that every little detail is taken care of.

Two Kinds of Pool Removal

We always caution people who want a DIY pool removal or who want to pay a general contractor to remove it. Properly demolishing a pool is not as easy as just filling the pool with dirt. If you don’t remove pool parts properly and fill the ground carefully, you end up creating a mud pit that retains water and is a huge safety concern. There are only two processes to do this task properly: complete pool demolition and partial pool removal.

a partial pool removal by filling it with gravel

Partial Pool Removal

In partial pool removal, some of the pool is left in the ground before we fill it in with the proper fill type and tamp the new ground down. This type of pool removal still requires a permit in League City. It still involves capping off the utilities, including water, electrical and gas, which currently run to your pool. We will also need to demolish and remove most of the pool so that water will properly drain from the new ground down.

backyard restored after a complete pool demolition done by our pros

Complete Pool Demolition

Pool demolition is almost the same process as pool removal. But, we remove all of the pool’s components instead of leaving some of the shell in the ground. As a result, we create a more stable ground that is fit for more than just grass. If you want to build a structure where your pool was, this is the removal process you need.

Choose a New Yard Feature

The exciting part of planning your pool removal with us is getting a new backyard. It is the ultimate renovation for your backyard because you now have so much space to add things. What will you choose for your new yard? Here are just a few ideas you can consider:

  • Add elegant gardens
  • Install grass for the kids or the dog
  • Build a porch or deck
  • Add an outdoor kitchen

Choose a pool demolition in League City today.

elegant backyard after pool removal
backyard with pool removed

Take Back Your Yard