Pool Demolition in Pasadena, TX

There are a lot of pools in Pasadena backyards right now, but that is slowly changing. More and more people are choosing to get their pool removed and use that space for something that costs less and that they enjoy more. If cleaning, repairing, buying chemicals, and paying people to clean your pool is just not for you anymore, then we can help. We offer pool demolition in Pasadena, Texas and make the whole process simple for you. Discover why you should choose our pool removal services below.

a pool demolition in Pasadena that will be done by our team

What Does Your Pool Cost You?

A pool costs so much more than the pool salespeople tell you. But, the cost is often disguised, and few people go through each line item and add up what they are spending on a yearly basis. To get an idea of what your pool is actually costing, consider these items:

  • Pool chemicals: There are about a dozen or so chemicals you’re told your pool needs, from pH modifiers to algaecide, chlorine and shock treatments, clarifiers and more. They all add up over time. You might be surprised about how high your yearly cost is for these things.
  • Utility costs: Running your pool heater and pool pump will add to your electric bill. Plus, don’t forget the cost of putting all that water in your pool. These costs can be hard to estimate because you’re not billed separately for your pool, but they can also be substantial.
  • Accessories: Safety accessories, like covers, are necessary. Others, like pool noodles and diving boards, can cost a lot in initial investment and replace. Selling them can net you some extra money too.
  • Maintenance: Do you pay someone to clean your pool for you? How about cleaning up the patio stones around the pool? Maintenance can be costly if you don’t have time to do it yourself.
  • Repairs and replacement: Pool pumps, heaters, and other equipment all breakdown fairly frequently. Repairs are annoying and costly, and having to replace the parts is even more so.
  • Insurance premiums: You are likely paying for the additional coverage your home insurance company provides for the pool. At least, we hope you are because if your pool is not covered, that opens you up to serious liability.

When they add up the costs of their pool, many people decide that they’d rather just get rid of it.

What Happens During a Pool Removal?

Pool removal can be a remarkably simple process. At Houston Pool Removal, we seek to make them convenient and straightforward for you. So, we handle every aspect of the removal for you, including:

  • Estimate: We explain the pool removal process to you, walk you through your options and give you a clear and honest quote for your removal.
  • Permits: We’re quick to get you a permit for your removal. You don’t need to lift a finger.
  • Recycling and disposal: We remove your pool and dispose of all of the materials.
  • Fill and compaction: We create stable ground for you to build on.
backyard with fresh lawn after the fill and compaction done by our pros

Choose Us for Proper Pool Removal

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